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I love visiting schools and meeting librarians, teachers, and students. But I do not love learning that many schools don’t have the budget for new books, enrichment programs, or author visits that reinforce curriculum and inspire a love of reading and writing. That’s why I scoured resources and compiled this mega list of grants for schools and classrooms. There are plenty more grants than what you’ll find here, of course, but this is a good place to start if you’re ready to find funds to help make this school year extra great.

Pull up a chair and start clicking, friends.

Grants for Education
(Where a Texas organization is mentioned, insert your own state’s equivalent):

Remember that some of the biggest corporations offer grants, too (note that many organizations offer a variety of grants that are not all represented in the provided links): Shell Corporation, Sony, Lockheed Martin, TD Charitable Foundation, Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, Sprint Foundation, Samsung Solve for Tomorrow, Google, etc.

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