June 27 Birthday: Helen Keller. ANNIE AND HELEN

Helen Keller
June 27, 1880 – June 1, 1968

ANNIE AND HELEN (Random House-Schwartz & Wade, 2012) by Deborah Hopkinson. Illustrated by Raul Colon.

Author Deborah Hopkinson and
illustrator Raul Colón present the story of Helen Keller in a fresh and
original way that is perfect for young children. Focusing on the
relationship between Helen and her teacher, Annie Sullivan, the book is
interspersed with excerpts of Annie’s letters home, written as she
struggled with her angry, wild pupil. But slowly, with devotion and
determination, Annie teaches Helen finger spelling and braille, letters,
and sentences. As Helen comes to understand language and starts to
communicate, she connects for the first time with her family and the
world around her. The lyrical text and exquisite art will make this
fascinating story a favorite with young readers. Children will also
enjoy learning the Braille alphabet, which is embossed on the back cover
of the jacket.
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