May 11 Birthday: Harriet Quimby, aviator

Harriet Quimby, aviator
May 11, 1875 to July 1, 1912

THE DARING MISS QUIMBY (Holiday House, 2009)
by Suzanne George Whitaker. Illustrated by Catherine Stock.

From Publishers Weekly:

In this
portrait of Harriet Quimby, an independent daredevil who, in 1911,
became the first woman in the U.S. to gain a pilot’s license, vibrant
watercolors re-create an era when planes “looked more like bicycles with
wings.” Flying the English Channel, Quimby’s plane is shown awash in
thick fog, until she spots the shore and lands to an excited crowd and
much acclaim. Quimby’s final flight, which resulted in her early death,
is explained against an open expanse of water as the sun breaks through
clouds. But the story ends on an uplifting note, explaining that Quimby
paved the way for future female pilots

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