November 30: Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain): BAMBINO AND MR. TWAIN

Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain
November 30, 1835 – April 21, 1910

by Priscilla Maltbie
Illustrated by Daniel Miyares

Mark Twain’s Cat

After the death of his beloved
wife, Samuel Clemens—known to his fans as Mark Twain—holed himself up in
his house, too sad to face the outside world. His constant companion in
his grief was Bambino, his daughter Clara’s cat. Despite the pleas of
his daughter Jean and the well wishes of his friends and admirers, Sam
could not find joy in life. His only peace was in the moments he spent
with the curious cat.
Then one day Bambino got out of
the house to chase a squirrel and didn’t come back. Distraught, Sam
placed an ad in the newspaper offering a reward for Bambino’s return.
Many people with many cats came to his door. The world wanted to cheer
up Mark Twain. No cat but Bambino could console the great writer,
Rich, luminous illustrations
highlight this friendship of a man and his cat in a time of great sorrow
and through his healing. Nothing compares to the solace of a pet.