April 5 Birthday – Robert Smalls, ROBERT SMALLS SAILS TO FREEDOM

Robert Smalls, politician, ship’s captain, civil war hero
Apr. 5, 1839 – Feb. 23, 1915

Robert Smalls Sails to Freedom by Susan Taylor Brown, illustrated by Felicia Marshall (Millbrook Press, 2006).

A fictionalized account based on the true story of how Robert Smalls freed himself, his family, and crew from slavery by steering a supply ship out of Charleston and into Union waters. He was awarded prize money from the U.S. government and became a civil war hero.

April 5 Birthday – Booker T. Washington, FIFTY CENTS AND A DREAM: YOUNG BOOKER T. WASHINGTON

Booker T. Washington, educator and political leader
Apr. 5, 1856-Nov. 14, 1915

Fifty Cents and a Dream: Young Booker T. Washington by Jabari Asim, illustrated by Bryan Collier (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2012)

The story about young Booker T. Washington and how he became an educator for freedmen, all in part because he followed his dream to learn how to read and write.

April 5 Birthday: With Books and Bricks: How Booker T. Washington Built a School

Booker T. Washington, African American, author, educator, advisor
b. April 5, 1856
d. Nov. 14, 1915

(Albert Whitman, 2014)

by Suzanne Slade
illustrated by Nicole Tadgell

Summary: After the Civil War ended Booker T. Washington fulfilled his dream of attending school, then set out to teach. Finding many eager students in Tuskegee, Alabama but no school, Booker decided to build his own school. So he rolled up his sleeves and dug clay, molded thousands of bricks, and constructed his own kiln to fire them. But brick making was more difficult than he’d imagined. Yet, Booker continued the back-breaking work, built a fine school, and welcomed all who shared his passion for learning.