August 1 Birthday: MARIA’S COMET. Maria Mitchell

Maria Mitchell, astronomer, woman
b. August 1, 1818
d. June 28, 1889

MARIA’S COMET (Aladdin, 2003)

by Deborah Hopkinson
illustrated by Deborah Lanino


Maria’s wish burns as brightly as a star.
Maria longs to be an astronomer and imagines all the strange worlds she
can travel to by looking though her papa’s telescope. One night Maria
gets her chance to look through the telescope. For the first time, she
sees the night sky stretching endlessly above her, and her dream of
exploring constellations seems close enough to touch.
In this story, inspired by the life of Maria Mitchell, America’s first
woman astronomer, “viewers will find the cobalt-blue nights, lit with
constellations that make imaginary (and actual) pictures in the sky,
every bit as attractive as Maria does.”
As a young girl, budding astronomer Maria Mitchell dreams of searching the night sky and some day finding a new comet.

August 1 Birthday: William Clark. A PICTURE BOOK OF LEWIS AND CLARK

William Clark, explorer
Aug. 1, 1770-Sept. 1, 1838

A Picture Book Biography of Lewis and Clark by David A. Adler, illustrated by Ronald Himler  (Holiday House, 2003)

The spirit of adventure is captured in this book about Lewis and Clark’s most celebrated journey—the expedition of the West.

Join in the adventure and Go West Across America with Lewis & Clark! at the National Geographic website.

Visit Discovering Lewis & Clark , an online “hyperhistory in progress” and retrace the steps of these explorers and more.