Alice Lee Roosevelt Longworth, social activist
Feb. 12, 1884-Feb. 20, 1980

Mind Your Manners, Alice Roosevelt! by Leslie Kimmelman, illustrated by Adam Gustavson (Peachtree Publishers, 2009)

Alice Roosevelt had a mind of her own. She marched to her own tune. Girls weren’t supposed to drive cars or keep pet snakes but that didn’t stop young Alice. When her father told her to follow his rules while she lived under his roof, she sat on top of the roof. Her free spirit took her many places and this biography showcases this beautifully.

Learn more about Alice Roosevelt at the Theodore Roosevelt Association.

February 12 Birthday: STAND TALL ABE LINCOLN

Abraham Lincoln, U.S. President

Feb. 12, 1809-Apr. 14, 1865

Stand Tall Abe Lincoln by Judith St. George, illustrated by Matt Faulkner (Philomel, 2008).

This biography examines Abe’s early years and how the loving role of his step-mother played a pivotal part in shaping the man who went on to become the sixteenth American President.