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The Navajo

The Past and Present of the Dine'

Capstone Press, 2015

The Long Walk to forced imprisonment in eastern New Mexico still haunts the Navajo people. But after years of suffering, they were allowed to return to their traditional lands where they prospered. Today the Navajo celebrate their strengths and proudly maintain their cultural traditions in modern America.

The Sioux

The Past and Present of the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota

Capstone Press, 2015

Vast stretches of land in the Midwest and West were home to the people referred to as the Sioux. But the proud tribes fell victim to a series of broken treaties and unkept promises. Today the various tribal nations preserve their history as they enjoy a cultural renewal in modern America.

From Head to Tail

All About Horse Care

Capstone Press, 2015

Are you crazy for horses? Do you dream about owning your very own horse one day? Are your walls covered with pictures of their beautiful coats and flowing manes? Horse fans can’t get enough of loveable equines. From horse history and life cycles to physical features, characteristics, and communication, find out everything you want to know about your favorite animal!

Saddle Up!

Riding and Competitions for Horse Lovers

Capstone Press, 2014

Have you wondered what it would be like to ride a horse with ease? Have you watched horses races and wanted to learn more? Engaging text, along with colorful photos and entertaining quizzes, highlight different riding styles and competitions, riding attire, and how to find riding competitions near you.

Mistletoe Madness

A Short Story Collection

This anthology of holiday stories from over thirty authors, poets, and illustrators from all over the United States, Canada, and Switzerland.