Illustrator Daniel Minter Process Video – Illustrating Step Right Up’s Kindness Message

When I first learned that Daniel Minter had signed on to illustrate Step Right Up, I was over the moon excited. I was already a fan of his work. As is typical, we did not have contact during the years-long process of evolving the manuscript into a book. Except that I did introduce myself to Daniel by email and then sent him a box of research materials that I thought would be helpful to him as he approached the art. Now, we share this beautiful book that we are both very proud of.

My heart is in this book. Daniel’s heart is in this book. And now, thanks to this video, produced by Kirsten Cappy and Curious City and Lee and Low Books, the world can hear Daniel’s perspective on Doc’s kindness message while demonstrating his gorgeous linocut/wood cut and acrylic art.  William “Doc” Key would be proud. This video is a must see!