Organizing a Mountain of Research

11/10/22 ADDED NOTE TO PROVE THE VALUE OF ORGANIZED RESEARCH: In 2020, four years after Step Right Up published (even longer than that since I was in active research mode), I was contacted by a Hollywood producer who wanted to chat about the story. And this year, 2022, I have given two interviews to BBC… Read more »

Research- The Scavenger Hunt of Writers

Do you approach research as a chore or as a scavenger hunt? I easily get caught up in the awe of research. If someone had told my teenage self that I’d grow up to be a research addict, I would have spewed Orange Crush out my nose. Fast forward a decade or two to my… Read more »

SCBWI Grants, the Cost of Research, and My Most Used Research Sites

Whew! Time flies. The hustle and bustle of spring seemed to arrive early here and with it came the SCBWI grant deadlines of March 31st. Last year, in 2012, I was awarded an Honorable Mention for my nonfiction submission. It was indeed an honor, especially after learning that only six of the 500 entries received… Read more »

Research Resources- Start Growing your Cyber Library

I’m blogging a bit differently for the month of December. Today, I share some online sources that have either been helpful to my own research, or that are part of my cyber-library for future reference. Naturally, this isn’t an all inclusive list (like that would ever be possible) and it’s a bit of a hodge… Read more »