Author interviews

Guest Blogger: Carmen Oliver on her First Book Contract

I am thrilled to welcome my friend Carmen Oliver as my guest blogger today. I feel a like a proud matchmaking sister as the official news of Carmen’s first book sale has just been announced. Before I step off the stage, here’s a little back story about why I have a double sense of pride… Read more »

Writing Process Blog Tour

Every once in a while, a nugget of smiley goodness appears in my inbox. That’s how I’d describe being asked by author F.A. Michaels to participate in an ongoing blog tour about the writing process by answering four related questions. F.A. Michaels, or Mic, is the author of some amazing novels for middle grade and… Read more »

LAUGH WITH THE MOON- Shana Burg interview

  It’s always exciting to welcome a new book baby to the world, especially one birthed by a friend and critique partner. Such is the case with Shana Burg’s latest familial addition, LAUGH WITH THE MOON (Delacorte 2012.) Though I was only privvy to Shana’s earliest drafts of the book, before work schedules ate up… Read more »


  Holy Revelation, Batman! It’s a scene that conjures familiarity in our collective memories. A gray scale city nightscape that hints at danger. Suddenly, a beam of light is thrust skyward, cut with the unmistakable symbol of a bat. Fear not. Nearby, a winged figure will appear, a hero to fight injustice.  Whether your recall… Read more »

Interview with Julia Moberg – PRESIDENTIAL PETS

Forty-four presidents have occupied The White House and all but a few have brought animals with them. PRESIDENTIAL PETS: THE WEIRD, WACKY, LITTLE, BIG, SCARY, STRANGE ANIMALS THAT HAVE LIVED IN THE WHITE HOUSE by Julia Moberg (Imagine! Publishing, 2012 – an imprint of Charlesbridge) introduces young readers to the furry and feathered friends of… Read more »

PRESIDENTIAL PETS-Interview with Julia Moberg

First, please introduce yourself, your editing background, and what drew you to children’s books. I’m Julia Moberg, and PRESIDENTIAL PETS is my second book. I have had the pleasure of working in the publishing world for the past 10 years. I started at a small company called Newmarket Press, where I worked as an publicity… Read more »

Author interview: Cynthia Levinson

  Cynthia Levinson enjoyed a twenty-five year career in various corners of the educational system, helping make schools, classrooms, and policies better for kids. She’s also written extensively for children’s magazines like Odyssey, Faces, Dig, Cobblestone, Highlights, Stepping Stones, and others. Her evolution into the role of book author seems a natural progression.  Last week,… Read more »

How Far Would You Go to Sell a Manuscript?. Marc Tyler Nobleman’s “Picture Book Experiment”

The below interview with author Marc Tyler Nobleman published on my blog in 2011. I’m pleased to share that Thirty Minutes Over Oregon was released on October 8, 2018 from Clarion Books. In the seven years since this interview—and before Thirty Minutes published— Marc wrote and published many other books. He never gave up on this story. What an example… Read more »


  (apologies for the inconsistent formatting. Blogger isn’t cooperating) In HARNESS HORSES, BUCKING BRONCOS & PIT PONIES (Tundra Books, 2011), author/illustrator team Shelley Ann Jackson and Jeff Crosby (who happen to be married, too) offer a gloriously illustrated and well- researched introduction to the earliest domestication of horses. Each of the chosen forty-three breeds highlighted… Read more »

From Picture Book to Interactive App – Lindsey Lane and SNUGGLE MOUNTAIN

  Austin author, playwright, and columnist Lindsey Lane, is a multi-talented writer and one of the nicest people in the world. Today, she shares her unique experience of re-birthing a picture book as an interactive app for IPhone and IPad.     Welcome, Lindsey! First, tell us about the SNUGGLE MOUNTAIN story. What was the… Read more »