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Step Away from that Keyboard!

Step Away from that Keyboard! I had the pleasure of participating on two panels at this past weekend’s Austin SCBWI conference, where we were asked for advice for writers. Very wise tips were shared: Read a lot, write a lot, find critique partners, attend conferences and workshops, be willing to revise, etc. While the mic slowly… Read more »

Rejecting Rejections

I am honored to have a blog post featured on The Writing Barn’s blog titled Rejecting Rejection.  Check it out.

Patience: Measuring Publishing Time by Shoe Size

I have a new post up on the Emu’s Debus blog about dealing with impatience and how my forthcoming book has grown alongside my youngest son.  Check it out, y’all.

Be Brave

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? –Vincent Van Gogh Writing is a scary endeavor, don’t you think? There’s that frightful blank page staring at us, taunting us, daring us; then the first sentence; the first paragraph; the first manuscript page; the ending; and all those paramount decisions we make… Read more »

We Are Enough-With or Without Awards

It’s February now which means the two most celebrated events of the year have passed. What did I think about the commercials? Meh! But, I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation, rooting for my favorite players.  Yes, indeed! (Oh, and I hear Super Bowl was pretty good, too.) The ALA media and… Read more »

Letting Go: A Cautionary Tale for Control Freaks

originally posted on the Emu’s Debuts blog.  I’m reflecting on the surprising angst that followed my book contract. The angst of letting go. See, I love the inventive stage of writing. Don’t get me wrong, writing is damn hard. But, I love that evolving sense of possibility when worlds and characters spin out of thin… Read more »

Summer spontaneity

Well, it was inevitable. Summer arrived and structure departed. The days of somewhat regular work hours while kids are in school are temporarily replaced with other pressing needs. So, I’ll be making only sporadic appearances in the blogosphere for a while. There’s a home remodeling project to monitor, thanks to water damage from a broken… Read more »

Remember, Dear, You Can Eat Your Mistakes

While de-cluttering my office space recently, I came across a couple stacks of old manuscript versions from two previous projects. As I thumbed through them, I was struck by the evolution of my own writing. These earlier drafts pre-date their own de-cluttering, the pairing down, the cleaning house, the revisions.      I am somehow relieved… Read more »

Now Stop Thinking. Just Throw!

My son is a talented baseball player. Besides his regular team instruction, Kiddo works with a private coach to more individually hone his pitching and batting skills. Coach Brock is a former pro baseball ball player and is wonderful at breaking baseball skills down to their most fundamental movements. It requires strategy, strength, and instinct…. Read more »