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Picture book biographies—My most-viewed posts

We’re working to re-establish the blog archives and categories that got tangled up in the recent website import. For now, if you’re looking for past posts about nonfiction picture books or picture book biography (or ies), simply type those terms into the blog search box. You can also find the most-viewed posts below. *DISCLAIMER: These posts were [Read More]

The Debut Author Hero’s Journey

originally posted, February 2016. In The Writer’s Journey, Christopher Vogler offers the twelve common stages of plot that comprise the Hero’s Journey. I’m not the first to contend that every person, at every moment, is living his or her own hero’s journey. But, since we here on EMU’s Debuts are all about celebrating the up-and-coming [Read More]

Banishing the guilt

Originally published on EMU’s Debuts( Yes, guilt. Many of us were conditioned for guilt at a very young age, but the grown-up writer version is what concerns me. Maybe it’s because I’m basically a people-pleaser. Perhaps you’re like me or know somebody like me. If anybody has a problem, I want to fix it for [Read More]

I’m Teaching a NF Picture Book Class! Join Me!

Children’s nonfiction is increasingly popular these days, especially in the picture book form. Yet, it’s difficult to find relevant instruction in writing books, workshops, or classes. With ever-changing styles and creative approaches, it is important to seek out up-to-date expertise on the subject. I’m thrilled to be teaching a six-week class about nonfiction picture books [Read More]

Hire me to Critique Your Manuscript

Call me a nerd, but I love critiquing others’ works. I think my inner bibliophile was meant to be an editor. Short of that, and after many years of actively critiquing and editing projects for colleagues, I am thrilled to finally expand my services more broadly. You can learn more about my critique services here. I [Read More]