Hello World

Hello World.

Thank you for stopping by my new blog. Let me introduce myself in an existential manner. You’ll get to know the many sides of me in future posts.

I am a writer.

That declaration pretty much sums up the way I think- the way I’ve always seen the world. I’m a born questioner. I am curious, persistent, determined, and easily entertained in a room of strangers or in a room of solitude. I also feel deeply. When emotion springs to the surface, it often spills onto paper. Sometimes the emotion stems from an event, a loved one, a memory, a face, or a new idea. Writers are by nature dramatic. Just ask my family.

Other writers will certainly relate to this statement. We, who try to freeze a moment into words, seek to encapsulate our emotions for ‘the story’ yet to be told. Sometimes the story is funny. Sometimes sad. Sometimes the story is a truth worth recording. And then there are the stories that blossom from the magical utopia of human imagination.

When we are captivated by a moment or an idea, we know the story is worth telling. So writers tell it. It is art. A pen or keyboard is the brush that drips words onto paper. Colorful words. Grim words. Heart-racing words. Sorrowful or joyful words. All of the words multiply until just the right number remain. Then the writer-artist rearranges them a million times until the picture comes into focus.

So, I’m like other writers, especially children’s writers. We seek to tell a story with the many truths at our disposal.

I hope you’ll see my name lining book shelves in the near future. In the meantime, take a look at some of my magazine work and descriptions of my works-in-progress. And keep in mind that you, too, are a story.