Welcome President Obama- Lessons for kids

If you are anything like me, the day after Obama’s inauguration just felt different. A little like a semi-arranged marriage might feel: anxious, nervous, excited, scared, hopeful.

Blogs around the world have been popping with comments. Most agree that Obama’s speech was inspiring and that the new first family has already shown tremendous grace. There certainly couldn’t be two cuter and more poised little girls energizing the White House today. Like every other citizen, children’s writers are keeping a close eye on the Washington machine. To be sure, passions swing both directions on the political pendulum. Thank goodness.

Thank goodness for American freedom of speech. We are free to stomp our feet in protest if we don’t like our government’s decision and we are free to throw one heck of a party when the establishment leans our way. I tend to believe that this blessed freedom we enjoy is the battery that keeps our country moving like the ultimate Energizer bunny. The yays and nays serve to keep us balanced as a country. Batteries come with negatives and positives. One without the other inhibits a progressive charge. Is there a more organic checks and balances?

What lessons do children take from this historic election? Hopefully, they were in on the adult conversations about issues, platforms, character, etc. And, hopefully, they were able to tune in to the televised inaugural speech. Whether Moms and Dads voted for or against Obama- I hope kids are learning to open their minds, get curious, ask questions, and start conversations that stretch their comfort level in respectful ways. It is, after all, their country. I hope they see that being smart is cool for men and women, that boundaries can be obliterated, and that dreams really do come true.

Today will be history tomorrow. How will our children remember it?