Never Dismiss a Dreamer

Yes, this post is a bit off the topic of writing. But, it’s right on target when talking about living a dream. For anybody who has ever been dismissed, ridiculed, or simply overlooked. For you who have shared your deepest wishes only to have the bubble burst by someone who thinks you’re not _____(fill in the blank) enough. Never, ever stop dreaming your dream. A spark of brilliance often comes when and where you least expect it. All you need is a touch of courage.

I really tried to insert a Youtube video clip of Susan Boyle here, but it isn’t possible at this time. Ms. Boyle is an unlikely 47 year old contestant in Britain’s Got Talent (the British equivalent to American Idol.) According to various online news sources, she is unemployed, has never been married, and lives alone with her cat in the very home she grew up in. The youngest of ten children, Boyle survived a difficult birth which resulted in learning disabilities. As a child, she was tormented by redicule and teasing by other children.She has come forward now, she says, because she always wanted to make her now-deceased mother proud. Hidden beneath the “frumpy” exterior lies the voice of an angel. Her story is inspiring. I hope it will inspire you to take a chance.

I encourage you to go to Youtube and search Susan Boyle. Watch how the expressions change on the faces of Simon Cowell and the other two judges. And how her voice transforms the audience cynicism to awed standing ovation. You won’t be disappointed.

Quote for the day: “There is no shortage of talent. There’s only a shortage of talent that can recognize talent.” —Jerry Wald (1911-1962) American writer-producer