Time for my little blog to grow up

Boy, has time flown by. I’m so far behind on my blogging that it feels overwhelming to catch up. In my next post, I’ll add my congratulations to the recent ALA awards presented to local Texas authors as well as recap the best SCBWI conference to ever hit the planet.

For now, I’d like to consider the future of my humble little blog. In short, it’s time to decide how this blog will be focused. I would love to open a discussion about this topic. I’m pondering whether to focus my blog toward a specific platform or keep it wide open the way it is. There is something liberating about blogging about something personal one day and something writerly the next. But, do you really want to read my quasi-journal entries?

I love supporting authors and illustrators through my blog and I have no intention of stopping that trend. But, with my own manuscripts creeping ever closer to book publication, should I narrow the content?
Do agents and/or editors look for something specific when they click on an author’s blog?

What do you like to read in blog entries?
Tips on craft?
News from the publishing community including recent awards?
A peak into my own journey toward book publication? my writing and revision struggles, etc.
Recommended books and reviews?

Chime in and help me dress this blog in a grown up fashion.