It’s a Birthday Party, All Year Long. Birthdayographies has Launched

So many wonderful opportunities have come my way in 2013. I sold my first trade book (yay!) I  wrote two books for Capstone, had a revision request from an editor on another trade book, and there’s exciting news coming on yet another project. Whew! Busy, busy, busy.

The icing on my professional cake came when my dear friend Anne Bustard approached me with an idea. Her blog, Anneographies, has been very popular over the last five years, thanks to her fun and unique focus on birthdays- specifically, birthdays of historical and iconic subjects of picture book biographies. How cool is that? Well, Anne’s focus has shifted more to fiction, so she offered to pass the birthday torch to me. It didn’t take me long to consider it.

Come on over to We will celebrate picture book biographies one birthday at a time. Please be patient as construction continues on the site. I’m making a few changes, adding a whole lot of books and birthdays, and beefing up the search options. In time, you will be able to search the blog by person’s name, book title, and birthday.

In the meantime, I’ll be returning to regular posts on my regular blog soon. Once the deadlines and confetti settle down:)