A SALE! En Garde! Abraham Lincoln’s Dueling Words

A funny thing happened on the way to my publishing career. I spent years wishing, hoping, praying that I would one day see a book on the shelf with my name on the spine. I spent a small fortune on classes, workshops, conferences, and craft books. I read a bazillion books and talked to a whole bunch of professionals about writing and about their success. Those years piled up.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that Peachtree Publishers has acquired my FOURTH book, En Garde! Abraham Lincoln’s Dueling Words. I couldn’t be happier.

Some of you may be shaking your head thinking, not another Lincoln book. I can assure you, this is an angle on Lincoln that you have never heard before. He made a great big naughty mistake that threatened his career and his life. He did not let that mistake define him. I hope the book will leave young readers to ponder what would have happened if Lincoln had never been President.


Erin Murphy, Kathy Landwehr, and Cynthia Levinson congratulating me from Boston. I love these ladies.

Coming soon:

Saddle Up! Riding and Competitions for Horse Lovers (Capstone, 2014)

From Head to Tail: All About Horse Care (Capstone, 2014)

Step Right Up: The Story of Beautiful Jim Key (Lee & Low, 2015)

Engarde! Abraham Lincoln’s Dueling Words (Peachtree, TBD)