Launching Step Right Up with a Charitable Outreach

Launch celebration for Step Right Up: How Doc and Jim Key Taught the World About Kindness

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Book People—603 N. Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX


In two days—October 15, 2016—Step Right Up: How Doc and Jim Key Taught the World About Kindness officially releases. While I celebrate the culmination of this nine-year journey, I hope the book does some good in the world. Two ways that I am being proactive with that goal include 1) a revival of the Jim Key Pledge of Kindness, coming soon as an illustrated, downloadable document, and 2) raising funds for a worthy organization that rescues abused, neglected, and unloved (but lovable) horses, donkeys, and ponies. Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society rehabilitates these animals medically, nutritionally, and through training, with the goal of finding them good adoptive homes. Rehabilitating a horse can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

I hope you’ll consider supporting this very worthwhile cause as a tribute to William “Doc” Key and Beautiful Jim Key who made such a difference in the humane movement. Check out the Crowdrise account here.

To tug at your heart just a bit, here are just three of the recent cases that Bluebonnet has rehabilitated. I hope they move you to donate.

Blake came to Bluebonnet from a neglect case. Look at how thin and malnourished he was when he arrived,and how beautiful and healthy he is now. He is currently with a trainer, preparing to compete in the 2016 Bluebonnet Expo and Rescue Horse Training Challenge, to be held October 22nd in Austin.

blake-intake blake-saddled

Prairie Rose is a three-year-old mare. She and another horse were abandoned by their owners and left to starve. The sheriff’s department discovered them and placed them with Bluebonnet. Prairie Rose is missing her right eye. She arrived nervous and skittish, but she’s now gaining weight and settling in. She is not yet healthy enough for surgery on her empty eye socket, but that will come under the TLC of Bluebonnet volunteers.


Flo is a twenty-year-old mare with a 4-5 month old foal. They were both surrendered to the the sheriff’s department when the owner was threatened with neglect charges. Under Bluebonnet’s care, the foal was put on milk replacement and has made a full recovery. Flo, on the other hand, is still on a rehabilitation diet and under care. They will soon need homes.