It’s Random Acts of Kindness Week!

Step Right Up: How Doc and Jim Key Taught the World About Kindness has received such lovely attention since its October release. A list of some of those accolades and reviews can be found on the book’s dedicated page on this site. Thank you to all who have supported and embraced Doc and Jim’s story. As you know, the story is about many things, but kindness is the core—the driving force. With today’s political climate and the presumed upswing in aggressive and violent acts across the U.S., the story seems even more relevant today.

As we close out this Random Acts of Kindness Week, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the very many headlines that highlighted Doc’s kindness message during his 1897-1906 career with Jim. Trust me, it is not easy to choose from the countless examples I have organized in my mega-binder of research sources.

SRU mega binder of sources, organized chronologically.

Everyone from teamsters to teachers embraced the kindness message.

Schools sponsored essay contests, inspiring kids to write about kindness.

Humane organizations sponsored Doc and Jim. In turn, the organizations grew & flourished.

Doc and agent Albert Rogers knew that kids were/are the answer to a kinder future.

Approximately two million people joined the Jim Key Band of Mercy or took the Jim Key Pledge of Kindness.

Speaking of the kindness pledge, we have brought it back, updated to be more inclusive of people and animals. I hope you will share it with the young people in your life. You can find a color version of the pledge on the Step Right Up book page on this site. You can find the black and white version here. Kindness Pledge-black and white

Now, let us all go forth and choose kindness.

Check back often for updates.