Writing & Publishing Journey

Nonfiction Picture Books – Language and Tone

Nonfiction picture books are written with great intention. By that, I mean that everything from the illustration to word choice paints a picture that truthfully depicts something about the subject. A life fully lived is fraught with a roller coaster of human experiences. It makes sense that the particular focus or angle a writer chooses,… Read more »

Nonfiction Picture Books – Defining Tight Focus

For the past nine months or so, I’ve dug deeply into the structure, tone, focus, and storytelling techniques of hundreds of nonfiction picture book biographies. Picture book writing is itself an incredible challenge, but telling a true story in a compelling and creative way, with very few words, is a unique art. I thought it… Read more »

Critiques- Guidelines and Tips

Our Austin SCBWI chapter has gone through some radical and exciting changes of late. One such change is my new role as critique group coordinator. Though we’ve tried to put people together in the past, this is a new, more formalized program. My first line of business has been to establish suggested guidelines and tips… Read more »