It’s Okay to Slow Down

For the past several months, I’ve been kicking myself for not doing a better job of maintaining my blog content. Then, I realized how much has happened in that time. There have been revisions for an editor, a newly celebrated agent alliance, multiple rewritings of an old as-yet-unsold project, and the research for and writing of a brand spanking new manuscript. Plus the various workshops, SCBWI meetings, and writing related listservs I’m part of. Oh, and then there’s the volunteerism and a crazy-busy family dynamic thrown into the mix, too. Suddenly, I don’t feel like such a lazy-bones anymore.

How we choose to spend our 24-hour days is a matter of priorities that can shift like sand under our feet. In my overzealous trek toward book publication, I sometimes forget to step back and take stock of the life I live. Right now, with the blessings of summer time with my kids, you can bet my offspring will be at the top of my priority list because, though my works-in-progress will sit idle, waiting for me, we all know how fleeting childhood is.

So, this summer, I hereby give myself permission to go with the flow.
It’s okay if I skip weeks of blogging.
It’s okay if I don’t read others’ blogs for a while.
It’s okay if I choose canoeing or water-biking or fishing with my sons instead of writing.
It’s okay if the writing I do happens in the middle of the night.
It’s okay to say no to volunteer opportunities.
It’s okay if I don’t keep up with the latest sales, latest trends, latest releases in the publishing world.

Life is happening while I focus on a cursor on the screen and fingers on the keyboard.
It’s out there. Everywhere.
It’s time to exhale and relax.
It’s time to see.
It’s time to feel the world around me.

It’s okay to slow down.