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Picture book biographies—My most-viewed posts

We’re working to re-establish the blog archives and categories that got tangled up in the recent website import. For now, if you’re looking for past posts about nonfiction picture books or picture book biography (or ies), simply type those terms into the blog search box. You can also find the most-viewed posts below. *DISCLAIMER: These posts were… Read more »

I’m Teaching a NF Picture Book Class! Join Me!

Children’s nonfiction is increasingly popular these days, especially in the picture book form. Yet, it’s difficult to find relevant instruction in writing books, workshops, or classes. With ever-changing styles and creative approaches, it is important to seek out up-to-date expertise on the subject. I’m thrilled to be teaching a six-week class about nonfiction picture books… Read more »

Alternating POV and Alternating Tense in Nonfiction Picture Books

Welcome to Part Three of my latest blog thread focused on craft considerations in nonfiction and historical fiction picture books. Basically, this is my private classroom where I peel back the layers and disassemble successful books to learn creative approaches to truth telling. The more I nose my way into the intracacies of these books,… Read more »

Picture Book Biographies with First Person Point of View

Welcome to part one of my new thread on nonfiction and historical fiction picture books. Today, let’s take a look at some “biographies” told through first person point-of-view (POV). I know what you’re thinking. Wouldn’t a first person biography actually be an autobiography? Well, welcome to the world of picture books where good storytelling often… Read more »

Where to Begin a Story

It’s the toughest initial decision for me when I set out to write something new. Where should the story begin? And, truly, it’s a dilemma for all genres, fiction and nonfiction. The latter is my current focus. As we all know, biography is the story of a person’s life. Some people suggest that picture book… Read more »

The Evolution of a Blog – Platforms should be made of rubber

I was recently asked by Mary Bowman Kruhm to contribute to an article she was writing for the December 2010 issue of Children’s Book Insider. My short blurb about how blogging serves my writing career got me thinking about how my humble corner of blogosphere has evolved in the last year. And how it reflects… Read more »