Happy 2009

I’ve been perusing some of my favorite blogs today. Naturally, being the second day of January, everyone is thinking of New Year’s resolutions. I am not one to make New Years’ resolutions. Something about that term puts far too much pressure on me and sets me up for failure. Like resolving to lose ten pounds eleven months before learning that I gained four. So, it feels more friendly and optimistic to use the term goals.

If you’ve read or watched The Secret, you’ve heard the theory of positive thinking and the power of visualization. I’m willing to give it a try. So, here goes.

*I will polish the first four chapters and proposals for each of my two nonfiction books-in-progress then will send them out into the publishing world.
*I will revive my humorous picture book manuscripts that are collecting dust.
*I will believe in myself.
*I will eat less sugar and more vegetables.
*I will exercise more and sit less, though I haven’t figured out how to incorporate more writing with more activity. That can only mean less sleep. So be it!
*I will procrastinate less
*I will celebrate the successes of others
*I will not allow envy to dampen my energy or slow my personal momentum.
*I will read less how-to books and more poetry books.
*I will dedicate quality time for my family.
*I will bathe in laughter.
*I will post to my blog regularly (no laughing here.)
*I will cultivate and nurture my friendships.
*I will say “I love you” more often.
*I will make a child smile.
*I will make my mother proud.
*I will not embarass my teenager………often.
*I will be grateful for each day.

So, what are your goals for 2009?

2 Responses to “Happy 2009”

  1. PJ Hoover

    LOL, I saw your posts pop up in my google reader and was so happy to see them!

    I LOVE The Secret! It’s brilliant and so approachable. And the way we think really defines so much!

    Happy New Year, Donna!

  2. carmenoliver

    Love your comments, D!! I can’t find my brand new DVD of the secret. I finally bought myself a copy a couple of months ago and it’s vanished. Sigh. Am I never to see this movie? Does this mean, I’m supposed to be spring cleaning in January?