Happy 2011- I’m Keeping a Lid on my Goals this year

Happy 2011!

Like most people, I’ve been thinking about goals for this shiny new year. Most of you will do as I have done in the past and shout your goals from the nearest roof top, or blog, or bathroom mirror. I know it feels empowering on the day of such declaration when you’re full of verve and intention. But, it turns out there’s some science behind why such a public announcement may hinder your momentum. Of course, there is no right or wrong in resolutions. Do whatever works for you.

Personally, I’m bucking tradition this year and keeping my specific resolutions and goals to myself. Why? Well, I think there’s some truth to what Derek Sivers proposes in this July 2010 TED talk titled, KEEP YOUR GOALS TO YOURSELF. At least for me.  See if you agree.

Make no mistake. I have very definite goals. But, I know myself. I’ll get much farther on the journey, if I concentrate on the doing, rather than on talking about doing.

Broadly speaking…
* On the writing front, I’ll continue to learn, and study, and revise, and rewrite, and submit, and progress.
* I’ll be courageous and confident, while keeping an open mind.
*I’ll work on accepting myself for who I am, while striving to be a better person.
*I’ll read oodles of books for pleasure and analysis.
*And I will live with intention, with a heart open to personal growth, nurturing relationships, and giving back to the community.

As we all prepare to jump forward, into a crisp new calendar year, I wish each of us success, prosperity, and a journey worth the travels.


One Response to “Happy 2011- I’m Keeping a Lid on my Goals this year”

  1. carmenoliver

    Like the changes to your blog!!

    I hear you about keeping a lid on your goals. Do what works best for you! Know yourself. What motivates you. Know how you work best and incorporate that strategy. Just like with writing a novel, every writer has their own methodology. Kudos to you for trusting your instincts!

    Happy New Year!