Double-Digit Fiction – The Word

In honor of Summer, I’ve dipped into far corners of my personal archive. Many moons ago, this won a double-digit fiction contest. Should it have won? I dunno, but every time I get near a pool, it comes to mind.

THE WORD    (99 words)
Mark stepped gingerly into the cold,
sending ripples of water to break
on the many rivals who encircled him.   
Taunting grins met his gaze. 
Then the world went dark.

Rules of engagement were clear.
Seize the enemy, or be doomed.
There was only one way for him to survive.

Bait the enemy with “The word.”
Waves lapped at his waist as he shouted.
Voices jumbled, then hushed in response.  
He lunged left. 
He dove right.   
Hot breaths chased goose bumps down his spine as
he bellowed one last time.
The word, “Marco.”
Enemy captured!

2 Responses to “Double-Digit Fiction – The Word”

  1. Nikki

    This is fun! Writing short is hard, though. SO glad I have more space in novels. You did a great job on this! *sneaks off to go through old files*

  2. Donna

    Thanks, Nikki.

    Writing short is painful. I also have a much longer version of this somewhere.

    Looking forward to your novel