Beautiful Jim Key: THE MOVIE

In less than a year, my debut trade book, STEP RIGHT UP: THE STORY OF BEAUTIFUL JIM KEY will be on the shelves and I’ll be in giddy and breathless promotion mode. Daniel Minter is working his magic on illustrations, bringing Doc and Jim to life on the page. I’m revising my author’s note and mulling over possible dedications decisions. My pre-release to-do list is growing. You wouldn’t think I could get more excited.

Then this happened:





Morgan Freeman has been cast as Doc Key in a movie about Beautiful Jim Key, based on the 2005 adult book by Mim Eichler Rivas. MORGAN FREEMAN! Production is set to begin early 2015. Ya know, about the time my book comes out. I don’t know much about movie timelines, but maybe the movie will be out in 2016.  I’m ecstatic about their choice of actors. I wonder how they’ll cast the horse?

Of course, it’s a Hollywood film, so I’m anticipating a fair amount of fictionalization for dramatic effect. But, holy moly, what a great way to share the story of Doc and Jim with the world. Let’s all keep fingers crossed that they preserve the heart of the story; it’s all about kindness to animals and to each other.


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3 thoughts on “Beautiful Jim Key: THE MOVIE

  1. Thank you, Terry and Laurie.

    Obviously, I'm hopeful that the movie will boost my book sales, but I'm most excited that a broader audience will "meet" Doc and Jim.

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