STEP RIGHT UP has a cover and a release date

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STEP RIGHT UP: HOW DOC AND JIM KEY TAUGHT THE WORLD ABOUT KINDNESS will release in October, 2016. It’s available now for pre-order from book sellers. I. Can’t. Wait! I have seen a pdf of the entire book and it is beautiful. I wish I could share it with all of you, but, alas, that’s a no-no. Instead, I’m happy to share the gorgeous cover. And following is a post that originally appeared on the EMU’s Debuts blog where I gushed about illustrator Daniel Minter and his beautiful art.

I’ve never met Daniel, though I hope to in the near future. Authors and illustrators rarely communicate about their books. Editors are the matchmakers, finding the perfect artist to bring a text to life, as if setting up creative blind dates. And, boy, did my Lee and Low editors choose well! When I heard that Daniel had signed on to illustrate my book, I was elated. Seriously, elated! Daniel is so multi-talented and his art is profound, evidenced by their presence in museums and galleries. He designed the 2004 and 2011 Kwanzaa stamps for the USPS, and he’s the founding director of the Maine Freedom Trails. Then there are his books! He has illustrated nine children’s books, earning a 2013 Coretta Scott King Honor in the process.

Once the match was made, I introduced myself to Daniel via Facebook. I then sent him photos, a model of the horse, and other historical information that I thought might be helpful as he brought the true story of Dr. William Key and Beautiful Jim Key to life through art. I assured him that I would not be a helicopter author, hovering over his progress. (Not that I wasn’t tempted.)

From Daniel 3:10:2016 2Daniel kindly gave me permission to share a photo of his work in progress. The multi-step process of lino-cut art is pure artistry, don’t you think? Illustration, carving, and painting combined. Look at those details being carved into focus. I am in awe! And I know Doc Key would be as proud as I am.

In the months leading up to and following the official release, I’ll share additional information and original photos of Beautiful Jim Key and Dr. William Key.  Stay tuned.

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