Whose Right-of-Passage is it Anyway?

There are male-specific rights-of-passage for boys. The first fish. The first hunt. The first shave. I’ve been rather melancholy about the whole idea of losing my youngest son to manhood. Sure, he’s just on the tail end of nine, but I catch glimpses of the future in his evolving jaw line, his size 10 ½… Read more »

Friday Wrap Up- Good News is Blooming in Central Texas

(why can’t I place images whereever I want? Honestly, no matter what I do, pictures always land at the head of the post. How frustrating!) I’m looking back at my week now and feeling pretty good about how I’ve spent my time. You see, I made a New-School-Year Resolution to utilize my days more wisely…. Read more »

Writing Retreats – A Productive Change of Scenery

I love writing retreats. Scratch that…I need writing retreats. As a busy, involved mother married to a husband with a very big job, requiring long hours, home is riddled with responsibility for me. I write at the same desk I pay bills from. My deadlines rest on the same calendar with doctor’s appointments, PTA meetings,… Read more »

A Brief Departure- Richard Peck on Story

I was leafing through my multitudes of computer files and stumbled upon a lengthy discourse by Richard Peck. I loved this poem he ended with. by Richard Peck A story is a doorwayThat opens on a wider place;A story is a mirrorTo reflect the reader’s face. A story is a questionYou hadn’t thought to ponder;A… Read more »

Stay Tuned- what’s coming next

Summer with kids means constant movement, and a shift in priorities. But, fear not dear blog readers. And stay tuned for future posts in this nonfiction blog series. My next blog topics:situation vs. theme in nonfictionThe role illustration plays in nonfictionHeavy subjects for picture book audiencesRecommended sites for nonfiction writers Quote for the day: “Summer… Read more »

Critiques- The Good, The Bad, and The Hungry

What makes a worthy critique? Those of us who have tried on multiple critique partners over a number of years, in hopes of finding the one right fit, have a fairly good idea of what helps us in our own writing. Most critiquers are sensitive enough not to rip apart another artist’s work. It takes… Read more »

Coaching a Coach: What motivates kids?

Hello fellow bloggers. Long time no see. While not blogging for the past several months, I’ve been busy writing, rewriting, participating in an online class, rewriting, dancing with my dream agent, and yada yada yada. The yada I refer to relates to other obligations. Like family. I’m often shocked at the benefits of pushing away… Read more »

Austin SCBWI 2010 Conference

Photo Key in descending order:Cheryl KleinCarmen Oliver, Jane Peddicord, Mark G. MitchellCarmen Oliver, Donna Bowman Bratton, Jane PeddicordShana Burg, Bethany Hegedus, Sean PetrieGreg Leitich Smith, Julie Lake, Brian Yansky, Frances YanskyWhat was left of the breakfast buffet before the first breakTim Crow’s welcoming addressCarmen Oliver working the kitchenRock stars from left to right: Jacqueline Kelly,… Read more »

Good News from the Austin Children’s-Lit community

Sorry for the wacky image placements, folks. I can’t seem to get them lined up neatly. 2010 has already been a banner year for Austin area children’s authors. What are the odds of so many accolades landing in one metropolitan area? For those of us in this blessed writing community, it doesn’t matter. We’re just… Read more »