Happy 2009

I’ve been perusing some of my favorite blogs today. Naturally, being the second day of January, everyone is thinking of New Year’s resolutions. I am not one to make New Years’ resolutions. Something about that term puts far too much pressure on me and sets me up for failure. Like resolving to lose ten pounds… Read more »

Veteran’s Day

Veterans’ DayElementary school assemblies can reduce me to tears. That was the case at this week’s veteran’s day celebration. 900 flag-holding kids gathered outside my son’s school to honor the hand full of veterans/grandparents in attendance. Naturally, the kids aren’t old enough yet to really ‘get it.’ We don’t live in a military town so… Read more »

Hello World

Hello World. Thank you for stopping by my new blog. Let me introduce myself in an existential manner. You’ll get to know the many sides of me in future posts. I am a writer. That declaration pretty much sums up the way I think- the way I’ve always seen the world. I’m a born questioner…. Read more »