Day-Glo Brothers

Friday Wrap Up- Good News is Blooming in Central Texas

(why can’t I place images whereever I want? Honestly, no matter what I do, pictures always land at the head of the post. How frustrating!) I’m looking back at my week now and feeling pretty good about how I’ve spent my time. You see, I made a New-School-Year Resolution to utilize my days more wisely…. Read more »

Nonfiction Picture Books – Defining Tight Focus

For the past nine months or so, I’ve dug deeply into the structure, tone, focus, and storytelling techniques of hundreds of nonfiction picture book biographies. Picture book writing is itself an incredible challenge, but telling a true story in a compelling and creative way, with very few words, is a unique art. I thought it… Read more »

Chris Barton’s Day-Glo Brothers- What an Event!

photo descriptions- 1.) My son peeks into the black-light viewing box to see the Day-Glo book illustrations literally glow 2.)Donna Bowman Bratton (L), Jenny Ziegler (c), and Carmen Oliver (r) holding signed copies of the book 3.)One angle of the room 4.)Interactive question and answer session with the kids 5.)The happy author signing for a… Read more »